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Solar Cell Driven Wall Fan/Extractor is powered by sunlights, ambient lights, no noise and pollution free. It will prevent condensation, mildew, musty odor, damp etc. at area being ventilated.

They are great for summertime use but are also very useful during the winter as they help extract damp air and minimize damp conditions. This solar ventilator is constructed within a weather and water resistant ABS plastic housing for protection which measures approx. 210mm x 240mm, holes are provided in all four corners for easy attachment to your wall, the vent duct on the rear protrudes by approx. 57mm and is approx. 110mm wide so the hole cut-out size in your wall needs to be approx. 110mm wide for the rear vent duct to fit into it. 

Att: you may need extra extend tude to install in on a brick wall. 

 Product Categories:

 1)EG-SF101 - Integrated Type Extractor Ventilator

 3)EG-SF103 - Integrated Type, Day & Night (with rechargeable battery and on/off switch)

 4)EG-SF104 - Separated Type, Day & Night (with rechargeable battery and on/off switch, separated solar cell with 425cm wire)


you are buying EG-SF103 with one built-in Battery and on/off switch

The battery life-span is depends on how often you use it, if you switch it on all the time, it keeps charging and discharging, it will dead eventually after 1 year or 2, if you don’t change a new battery, it still can work on the sunlight. Most solar wall fan in the market is not able to change its battery but ours can be changed very easily, we also supply batteries for this model. Extra battery is $10.



Fully automatic operation powered by solar energy. 

Prevent mold, condensation, mildew, musty odors, damp, etc. 

Water resistant, no-noise, safe and pollution free. 

60 Cubic metres per hour fan capacity

3.5V Solar panel, rated at 400mA max

Includes spare in-take blade

1 years warranty. 

Easy installation. 11cm diameter cut-out.

overall size:24x21x13cm, duct dia is 11cm, 6cm deep.




Homes, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Side Walls, Attics, Basements, Farm Buildings, Offices, Sub Stations,Shed, Garage,

dog kennel, Chicken Coop, Rabbit Hutch, Horse Boxes, Stables, Public toilets, composting facilities

Telephones Boxes, Temporary Site Accommodations, etc.


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