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This Solar Fridge Fan controls heat build up in the vent compartment behind your mobile refrigerator. This heat build up can dramatically reduce the efficiency of your refrigerator especially in hot whether.

With the solar Fridge Fan you will be able to reduce food spoilage, by keeping in colder, and reduce the Fridges drain on power as it will not have to work as hard to keep cool.

Powered by solar energy, no draw on your battery
Solar output 1.7v, 400mA under full sun
Minimal noise and pollution free
Increases cooling efficiency of refrigerator by up to 40% by exhausting heat build up behind it
Reduces Fridge energy consumption, Prolong the life of the Fridge
Easy Installation
Max space required behind Fridge = 85mm
Fan Blade Diameter = approx 70mm
Mounting screw points = 88mm apart
Package Includes:

  • One unbreakable solar panel
  • One fan with motor unit
  • Four meters lead wire and two wire nuts
  • Mounting screws


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