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EG technics P/L develop a new generation low profile stainless steel solar vent for boats, caravans and motorhomes.
Fully automatic operation powered by solar energy with a big solar panel.
no electricity nor any other man made power source.
No wiring, no plugs, no noise, and once installed no running cost whatsoever.
With high quality Standard AA size rechargeable battery and integrated on/off switch


  • Fully automatic operation powered by solar energy
  • Avoid heat build-up at an area being ventilated
  • Prevent mold, condensation, mildew, musty odors, damp, etc
  • Extract 900 Cubic Ft(30 cubic meters) Of Air Per Hr Under Normal Full Sun Operation
  • Water resistant, with overflow preventer.
  • no-noise, safe and pollution free
  • Low profile(30mm), good for boat deck use
  • Easily Installed Into Glass, Boat Decks, Caravan Roofs, Canopy, or Walls (An Extension duck Is Required on doulbe brick s Wall)
  • 5 years limited warranty
  • 30 days money back guaranty



  • Solar Vent,low profile(30mm)
  • Stainless steel cowl
  • with one high quality rechargeable Li-thium battery for Day & night use.
  • Guaranty over 20 hours run on battery after fully charged without any sunlight.
  • Guaranty over 8 hours run on battery after 2 hours quick charged by directly sunlight( fan is working while charging) 
  • with a integrated switch(On/off)

Buyer's Guide:

  • for boat
  • Up to 24 ft/7.32 meters: 1 exhaust vent
  • Up to 40 ft/12.2 meters: 1 exhaust vent and 1 intake vent
  • over 40 ft/12.2 meters: 2 exhaust vent and 1 intake vent
  • If the vent/fan is going to be installed without facing sunshine directly, we suggest to use model with separated solar panel in order to put the solar panel to the right position where the sunlight can be reached.

compare different models of our solar vents

  224sr EG-SVT001 EG-SVT002 EG-SVT003 EG-SVT002-li    
Efficiency upto 24m3/hr upto 30m3/hr upto 26m3/hr upto 30m3/hr upto 30m3/hr    
solar panel cover Epoxy coating only built in PC cover and epoxy coating built in PC cover and epoxy coating built in PC cover and epoxy coating built in PC cover and epoxy coating    
solar penel

round solar panel:100mm.dia


square solar panel: 110*110mm


square solar panel: 110*110mm


square solar panel: 110*110mm


square solar panel: 110*110mm



Fan motor driver voltage


N/A 3V 4.5V


Battery 3000mA rechargeable No. rechargeable 2700mA Battery a pair of 1.2v/2700mA rechargeable AA Li-lithium  Battery


Switch wired remote switch No. integrated integrated integrated    

what's included?

  • One Solar Fan Ventilator
  • One pack of mounting screws
  • one Li-thium battery.

Easy installation

  • Installed on glass:
    • solar Vent could be installed into glass surface.
      However, as much as possible it should be installed facing the sun equator.
    • Installation accessories are included in this package, all you need is just a glasscutter.
  • Installed on boat deck / caravan roof:
    • For additional fixing, insert no. 6 screws through the eyelets;
      it is recommended to use screws made of brass or stainless where salt water is involved.
    • Use suitable mastic to seal the area between plastic ventilator and the surface of installation.
    • For installation purposes, a tubular extension can be use as shown on the right picture.
  • Installed on wall:
    • EG solar VENT could be installed unto walls or other materials with a thickness greater than 40mm (1 & 9/16 inches).
    • Through the eyelets insert no. 6 screw along with suitable raw plugs. Use tubular with a diameter of 116 ~ 120mm cut required length.

EG-SVT-224SR instruction

Intake(blow air in) and exhaust(suck air out) fan blade

To exchange fan blade, simply pull the existing blade off and insert / push the new one.
Care must be taken in pushing or pulling the fan blade so as not to bend the motor shaft;
otherwise, its performance would be grossly affected.
If you have only one vent installed on your boat, we recommend using only the exhaust fan blade.
If you have multiple vents, try different configurations of intake and exhaust to achieve effective cross flow ventilation

intake blade sell separately


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